Tips for Buying a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is one of the most disliked house chores inexistence. It’s because it’s a boring, monotonous, and laborious chore, not forgetting time-consuming in this fast-paced society. Many people are going for the robot vacuum cleaner as a wonderful way of cleaning their home, without spending a lot of time or energy.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are disc-shaped appliances designed for cleaning tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors of all debris and dirt. The robotic vacuum cleaners stand out against other vacuum cleaners because of their ability to reduce the amount of work that homeowners have to do.

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There are myriad of robot vacuums cleaners available in the market at a variety of prices. These vacuum cleaners suit all your needs, whether ‘you’ve got hardwood, a carpet, or a coral of pets. Before spending your hard-earned money, there are some tips that you should consider. The following are tips for buying a robotic vacuum cleaner;

House Size

If you are living in an apartment, there is no need of spending much money on a robotic vacuum cleaner as someone living in a 2000-square foot home. Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners can clean for up to an hour and a half on the charge of which is enough to clean a 500-square foot home.

Battery Life

The battery life of the robotic vacuum cleaner goes hand in hand with the size of your house. A bigger house will require a robotic vacuum cleaner that has long battery life. The long the battery life, the more area it will cover.

The Type of Your Floor

It is one of the tips for buying a robotic vacuum cleaner that most people ignore. It’s because most of these appliances can clean both carpet floors and hardwood. However, little do people know that these disc-shaped appliances come in different specializations. For instance, if your floors are covered with carpet, go for a model that is specific for cleaning a carpet.

Decide on Your Budget

It is an essential tip that carries all the rest. Go for a robotic vacuum cleaner that will not leave your pocket with a dent. The prices vary based on the features it offers. Do your homework on different stores, to know the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner that falls within your budget.

How Do You Want to Control It?

Most robot vacuum cleaners come with remote control. The remote control allows you to steer the device around corners and crevices. Other models even allow you to schedule them to run at a particular time with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, if you spend much of your time at work, go for a robot vacuum cleaner that you can schedule to run at a specific time. Remember, Wi-Fi connectivity is a must for such a device.

Size of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It is one of the tips for buying a robotic vacuum cleaner that one can’t stress on it that much. It’s because robot vacuum cleaners do not come in the same size. Some can get under a sofa that has a clearance space of six inches while others can’t. Before purchasing one, study the spaces like this in your house to pick the appropriate one that can navigate all the spaces in your home.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet

When it comes to cleaning carpets, there is usually an abundance of information on how to get the job done properly. However, there is also plenty of disinformation as well, most of which can lead to very costly errors. If you are a carpet owner, you probably know how important it is to carefully maintain it to prevent the damaging of the backing materials and the fibers. If you are unsure as to how to properly maintain your carpet, you should familiarize yourself with some of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Here are the rug cleaning mistakes to avoid

1. Avoid too much scrubbing

In case you spill a glass of some wine on your carpet, you most likely reach for a washcloth to rub the spot, before a big stain appears. Unfortunately, this usually causes the delicate fibers to untwist. As the time passes, that spot can become quite distorted and rough-looking. Instead of scrubbing it, try to blot the spilled liquid with a paper towel and follow that by using a stain remover spray to remove excess discoloration.456tygfgcfx

2. The spills sit too long

If you are a busy person, you probably tend to leave the spills to sit for far too long, But, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the spills. Over time, a spill will penetrate deeper into the fibers and soak into the padding eventually. Therefore, make sure to act immediately and blot up any spills before it is too late.

3. You keep using inappropriate products

It is well known that inappropriate products can cause a real mess out of a carpet. The majority of household detergents and cleaners are usually way too harsh and can cause fading or discoloration. Also, many of them contain bleach as well, which can remove the colors almost completely. Before you use a certain product, make sure to check the label and see if it is safe to use.

4. Using too much water

In most cases, people usually tend to use a combination of dish detergents and water to remove the stains. However, excess water can make the stain even bigger. If you don’t blot up the extra water, you can easily end up with extensive mold growth. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, make sure to use just enough water.

5. You tend to deodorize often

These days, many people tend to use deodorizers to remove or clean stains. This is, of course, a mistake, as deodorizers are used to eliminate unpleasant odors and nothing else. Moreover, using deodorizer powders on a constant basis can lead to a residue buildup, since conventional vacuums are usually incapable of removing all the powder. Thus, make sure to use deodorizers only to refresh your carpet and only from time to time.

6. You don’t do deep cleaning

ew567yugtfydtWhen it comes to truly cleaning your carpet, you cannot rely solely on vacuuming. Over time, food particles, dirt, and dust can build up within the fibers, causing your carpet to look dirty and unkempt. To properly remove the soils, you must have your carpet cleaned by the professional carpet cleaners, at least 2-3 times a year. If the carpet is in a high-traffic area, it will probably take more sessions.