Services Offered By Foundation Inspections Experts

Major and minor foundation problems can cause a major concern for the structural integrity of property. This may result in loss of value of a building while at the same time it can cause high reconstruction and repair costs. Foundation inspection experts are well-trained professionals who invest their time, skills and money in acquiring proper equipment to provide the following common services;

Foundation inspections


Foundation inspection experts practice set industry standards in inspecting the foundation quality to ensure that the building is safe for use. Moreover, they have the proper equipment to measure the stability of the concrete walls and floors and how they handle the weight of the building. Moreover, they can identify the type of cracks, bending or curving that occurs as a result of excess pressure on the foundation. Moreover, they provide the right advice on the proper foundation laying and how to check that the poured concrete is strong enough to withstand the structure’s weight for a long term. They also get to understand the type of force that the earth exerts against a building’s foundation that may result in cracking thereby recommending proper repair measures.

Foundation repairs

The best foundation inspection experts have in-depth knowledge and skills on how to fix foundation problems. These experts have different approaches and methods that are cost effective, and that ensure that the structural integrity of the building is restored. They offer foundation repair services that involve lifting sunken concrete foundations through slab jacking and piering. Slab Jacking is used as a foundation repair method that fills the space with slab restoring the foundation while piering is applied by professionals to support foundations thereby lifting and supporting the concrete.

Foundation wall stabilization and strengthening

Foundation inspection professionals have proper knowledge on how to build stable foundation walls ensuring that they are waterproof. This can be done through the best foundation jacking made from strong steel beams that reinforce the wall making it stable and durable while ensuring that it stands straight. Moreover, these professionals know how to strengthen walls by waterproofing them and ensuring proper draining which safeguards their strength and structural integrity which is enhanced trough basement wall bracing and installation of steel i-beams.

Crawl space repair


Foundation inspection experts have proper training on how to undertake crawl space repairs and encapsulation. This ensures that the foundation is rid of crawl space moisture, mold, and humidity which ensures that the home improvement efforts ensure that the building remains well drained and waterproof hence protecting the foundation from cracking due to excess moisture. For all your building and construction needs talk to Foundation Repair Arizona.

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