Pests capable of causing adverse health complications

Pests are not only destructive creatures, but they also pose significant health risks. As such, it is imperative to safeguard your home against pests employing a regular pest control program. That way, you and loved ones are safe. Below are common pests that can pose health hazards.

Household pests


These are among the most common parasites around many ASDsDcfvSDcAShomes and especially in rural setups. Like any other pests, mice feed on the readily available home meals. In case they miss something to feed on, you can be sure that they contaminate surfaces. Mice dribble urine on surfaces. This urine dries up fast and that way it becomes hard to notice. If this gets into contact with food or food containers, it leads to diseases such as meningitis.


This is another disgusting pest to come across they are home. Apart from being ugly creatures, they are also capable of causing health risks. Ideally, cockroaches live in sewerage systems they only come to find warmth and food in homes. This means that they pick pathogens, bacteria, and parasites and transfer them to your utensils and other household items. Apart from contaminating surfaces, these organisms also drop fecal matter and urine that may pose health risks. Additionally, decaying roaches are harmful when inhaled by asthmatics.


Rats are capable of transmitting some of the most dangerous diseases you can ever think off. With their powerful gnaws, rats can feed on anything and even get access to water supplies. Ultimately, this results in contamination. Rat’s fecal matter and urine are capable of spreading a disease called leptospirosis that significantly affects lungs kidneys and the heart.


AScszdcvASASBedbugs have no potential of transmitting infections or harmful diseases. However, this does not make them a better type of parasites. The worst thing about this group of parasites is that it is very hard to get rid of as they hide on wood surfaces. Also, they will only appear when the lights are off. With a bedbug bite, you can be sure of sleepless nights, depression, stress, and even anxiety. Furthermore, they result to skin rashes, lesions, and scars. Worse of it all is that they result in psychological trauma.


Fleas are blood drinkers. Ideally, they are flightless. However, their strong legs allow them to jump from one point to another. That way can attach on anything. With a fleabite, you can suffer from either anaphylaxis or an allergic reaction. Additionally, small children are prone to swallowing these creatures accidentally. In return, this causes diseases

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