Simple Tips to Create a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom, one of the smallest rooms in the house, presents the biggest challenge for children, who have difficulty reaching sinks and growing into deep tubs. But, do you know that you can create a bathroom that is specially built for your children? To learn more about it, you can visit “Building a children’s bathroom is only for those who don’t care about resale or budget,” Rob says. “Build bathrooms for resale and for adults; then repurchase the components to help modest children use the bathroom.” So, here are some tips for creating a kid-friendly bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas for Kids

Get a Taller Vanity and Organize the Bathtubs

“Kids grow up and get bigger, and they’ll want a bigger powder room,” she says. Until your child reaches that growth spurt, Beverley suggests buying a toilet stool that can be stored in a closet when not in use. Our bathtub doesn’t have borders to put shampoo and soap bottles on. I found this incredibly frustrating initially before realizing that it would allow me to teach my kids how to keep an organized shower. We bought this shower caddy that is made to mount the hose to the shower machine. It is a lifesaver for the kids, and they no longer drop their bottles when they get in and out of the shower.

Install a Standard-Height Toilet

Bathroom Design Ideas for KidsAlthough a child-sized toilet seems like a smart choice, it’s impractical as kids get older and more mature guests to fight over the toilet. A taller toilet with a comfortable height is also not a fantastic option for a child-sized toilet. They have a seat height that can be too high for children. The ideal choice is a standard size toilet. For easy access for young children, place a stool next to it. And installing a soft-close toilet eliminates disputes over the type of toilet.

Choose Bathroom Fixtures for All Ages and Add a Step Stool

Many designers opt for a bath/shower enclosure that includes a shower stall for a flexible showerhead and hand shower. The showerhead can be repositioned to meet the needs of children, guests or teenagers. By providing your children with a stool, they will find it very I painted this stool with this particular bathroom. I wanted it to be comfortable for my kids but keep my design and the early features of this bathroom. I came up with this fun plaid design that I’ve seen on many black and white tops.

Add Storage for Toys and Your Kid’s Items

It would be best to have a storage strategy to house the kids’ toys and personal products in the bathroom. Beverley integrates baskets and drawers available at child height. She suggests giving each child his or her own storage space for families with more than one child. “If they each have a drawer or even a medicine cabinet, that gives them a place to store items they like to have,” Beverley says.

Give a Personal Touch for Your Kids

Express your child’s character with colorful walls and fun accessories. Recommend neutral cabinet and tile colors and a rich color palette Beverley agrees. “You can be extremely fun and vibrant with color,” she says. “It’s a very inexpensive way to brighten up a room and easy to change up later.”

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