Simple Steps to Remove Mold Quickly

Mold can appear in a home for several reasons. Bathrooms and bedrooms are often damp areas where mold appears. Health problems, such as respiratory issues, infectious skin lesions, and allergic reactions, can begin to affect individuals in a home infested with mold and mildew. Therefore, you should clean your walls, ceilings, and other parts of your home to remove any mold. There are four main steps to remove mold quickly.

Quick Mold Removal Tips

Find the Spots and Evacuate All Furniture from the Area

The first thing you need to do is find the molds’ spot and see how many are already there. Then, it would help if you acted quickly to prevent the infestation from growing. Sometimes it can be seen in green, black or white but sometimes you can smell it. To locate hidden spots as well, use a mold detection kit available at local home improvement stores. Next, when you begin removing popcorn ceilings, be sure to remove all furniture from the room. The last thing you need is for paint (and possibly asbestos) to get on your furniture.

Clean the Mold With a Bleach and Borax Mixture

Quick Mold Removal TipsAfter you remove any furniture from the work area, you need to peel the plastic off each wall and then roll the edges up when you get to the door. From the moment you get to the door, you will need to have a large piece of plastic along with a clean area. After that, you can destroy the actual mold. It is essential to get rid of it as soon as possible, but be sure to use protective gloves and face protection such as a mask. It’s worth mentioning that you should not touch the mold or try to cover up the mold by painting the affected areas, as the spores will likely continue to multiply.

Get Rid of the Eradicated Spots

It would be best if you cleaned the newly eradicated areas. To do so, you should cut away any wet, contaminated wood or plaster to completely remove the mold. If you have left grooves in the drywall due to scraping, use a sponge to sand the area lightly. You can then apply some stucco (also called drywall mud or drywall putty) to the damaged areas and then smooth it out with a trowel. You should take a look at your ceiling and then cover any uneven areas, such as nail heads or tiles, that may need an additional layer of sand. If you’re using a cold, textured surface, such as stippling or knockdown, this sanding step can be skipped.

Do Preventive Tips

After you finished clean the walls or ceiling that had been infected by molds, you should do some preventive tips. First, you need to find the source and fix it so it is no longer a problem. Be proactive to protect the area from potential problems. Broken or loose pipes should be repaired or replaced, a leaky roof should be waterproofed, and all cracks and crevices should be sealed. If you live in a very humid area, you may need to invest in a humidifier to remove moisture from your environment. If you have a mold problem that seems quite extensive, it can be an excellent idea to have an expert specializing in these issues look into the hypotheticals. A professional will know the many best practices for eradication and elimination.

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A Quick Checklist When Selling Your Condo

Are you selling your condominium? Well, if the answer is yes then you need a checklist. The checklist will ensure that you make the most out of the sale. This write explores some of the critical areas that you should look into before selling your condo.


Clean and pristine


Before selling your condo ensure that it is clean and is in its original condition. Ensure that you paint the walls and fix the broken floor tiles. Also, ensure that the taps and pipes in the kitchen and bathroom are not leaking. Replace any damaged item in the home. After you have ensured that everything is in order, hire the service providers that professional clean homes and commercial buildings. Their duty will be to clean the entire condo and ensure that it is sparkling clean. When your house is clean and pristine, the likelihood of getting people to buy it will be higher.

Price your asset

Once your house is clean, price it. Before pricing your house ensure that you carry out a research and compare it with similar assets in your area. You may also ask the real estate managers to help you price your home.  This will make sure that you price your condo correctly; you will not ask for too much or too little if you do this.

Hire a real estate agent

Whereas it is possible to sell your property by yourself, it is highly recommended that you hire a real estate agent. Selling property is not easy; it has lots of processes which are involving. Selling the property will require lots of marketing, research, and renovation which might not be well handled by the house owner especially if he has little experience in the field. A real estate agent will, however, do the marketing, renovation, and selling for you and ensure that you get the best deal out of your house.

Legal documents


Selling your condo will involve the exchange of legal documents and money. You should, therefore, make sure that you are familiar with the settlement statement, sales agreement, disclosure statement, and the listing agreement just but to mention a few. Try to read and understand them and if you are not able to ask your lawyer to explain to you some of the clauses. Before appending your signature ensure that every statement is clear, correct, and accurate.

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